Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Evaluation 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

We used almost basic fonts, just to keep it simple and clear. The paint tool was used in the top right and top left in order to make it seem more colourful and represent the artists personality, in a very fun and exciting way. We used various shots of every artist in the band and purely focused on their heads to illustrate who they are and how everyone has a key role and is central to the band and its success. We felt we had to market the digipak right, so making it bright and colourful would definitely draw attention to it.

Throughout the planning, designing and construction of our ancillary task, we made sure there was much focus mainly on the artists and their personalities. We did this for all six panels and as you can see in the bottom middle panel, it shows a  comedic value and funniness of the group and their wild personalities as Phillipe Miami Cortaz is seen in a male bathroom using a urinal.

All three of our products present young, happy, positive, good looking male artists who basically want to be different and change music and the world. They see music as generic and dull, and by adding love, passion and fun into music, makes it more pleasant and enjoyable.

The advert of the band gives clear information on where to buy the product, when it is out, ratings by big certified music co-operations and information on our music video, the smash hit single. This would attract people as 'King Of The Bongo' is a smash hit and people may see that this is the album which the song is on, and maybe there are other songs just as good on the album.

Our digipak clearly shows Phillipe Miami Cortez, so the fans can recognise straight away who he is and what material he has coming out now. With these different forms of media, there is a clear relation between them all. There is a clear relation between the advertisement and the music video as pictures on the advertisement have been taken from the video, so there is not differences whatsoever.

All in all, the products combined has created a well structured artist profile and clearly shows a strong representation of the band and their ambitions.

Saturday, 29 December 2012




Evaluation 1

Frame 1
This is a medium establishing shot at the beginning of the music video showing the main artist just standing with a discreet smile on his face. You can see the location in the back, clearly being London. This shot appears quiet suddenly and stays up for no longer than 2 seconds just to state that this is the artist and this is what he looks like.

Frame 2
This is a shot of an old bus passing in London and it shows how i manipulated the colour on it and corrected it to just add some creativeness. The shot is a mid establishing shot, showing the bus fully and how it is a large piece of our culture here in London and how the artist being a foreigner has recognised that.

Frame 3
This shot shows the artist from a side angle, playing his bongo on a train showing he isn't ashamed of who he is and his culture. The colour corrector was again used to manipulate the shot in relation to the mood of it, which is funny and quick joyful. We make sure it was brighter and more colourful for this reason.

Frame 4
This shot is of Sophia Romina who featured on the video. It shows a close up establishing shot of her shoulders and above, clearly presenting her face so we can establish what she looks like. The shot focuses mainly on her as she sings the chorus. The colour corrector was again used to brighten her up abit and make her look almost spotless.

Frame 5
This shot shots OiOi Malloy, another member of the band who was not able to make the shoot, so we included shots from the previous video which did not go ahead and was incomplete, 'In The Air Tonight'.
This is a medium establishing shot showing his face and his upper body so we can clearly see who he is and his character. The lady in the frame is his lover, with a green sheet behind them. The shot is taken at a lower angle aswell and is not at eye level.

Frame 6
This shot is a long shot of the artist infront of a colourful wall. The colour corrector was used to brighten the wall as it was originally quite dark. The artist is on the right as we felt the centre is very generic. Being on the right of the frame draws more attention. The artist then disappears and moves to the left of the frame, then to the centre and so on.

Frame 7
This is an extreme close up of the artists eyes. This shot was heavily manipulated with the colour corrector again, to make it brighter and more fiery. A tool was used at this point called 'Earthquake' which makes the shot rumble and move. This added to the funniness and comedic values of the music video.

Frame 8
This shot shows another member of the group, Soury Nasri, who was the main camera man. This shot shows him walking next to a Gorilla statue, and then frozen so the audience can establish who he is and what he looks like. This is a medium establishing shot and the colour corrector was used again to make it even brighter.

Frame 9
This is the last shot of the video, which is of the main motif in the video, the bongo. It is decorated with bananas and other tropical fruit to illustrate the tropical nature and culture of the artists in the video. This shows the audience the artists personality aswell, as it represents what the artists represent, their country and their culture. The shot was not manipulated in any way, as we wanted it to have that original look to it as if it has not been altered.

Evaluation 4 - How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

       The main technology that we used in the construction of our project overall were Camera,
Blogger, Mac, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Photo Shop and Final Cut Express.

Blogger was used for posting all our research and planning, as a portfolio of our work and progress, along with my evaluation tasks. I found it extremely easy to use and have found it to be an essential part of my project as it allowed me to swiftly edit posts and being my diary it was easy to access.

         This was the Sony handheld camera which we used to film all our footage for our music video and because it was digital it came in very handy. The reason for this was because afterwards we could check our footage and whether we needed to film again, is something wasnt right etc. We found this extremely helpful and it was very easy to use.

         The Apple Mac was extremely hard to use at first as I am used to Windows, but after a while it became like a 6th sense and it wasnt hard to use. The power of the Mac is amazing, i could use many applications at the same time and this helped me produce things faster and work quicker. The Mac has all the essential programs on it eg. Photoshop, Final Cut Express etc.


         Facebook was used effectively to promote and expose our roughcuts and get some feedback on my video. The social networking site was exceptionally helpful in promoting my video and seeing what others thought of it.


         Youtube was the main website which we used to export and expose our video. It was fast and efficient and was a main part of my media project.


         Twitter much like Facebook, was used to gain feedback on how to improve my video and how successful it was. I got a lot of exposure and this proved to be successful in helping me improve my video.

         Final Cut Express was the main application that I used in my media project and this was used in editing my video and compiling all my footage and material together to create my final music video. It was easy to use with the help of markers which was what I used a lot to make sure everything was in sync. With the variety of effects that were at hand, it made it so easy for myself to become as creative as possible.

         Photoshop was unarguably the hardest application to use and at first i found it extremely difficult to use. It was used for my magazine advertisement and my digipack. Once i got the hang of it, i found it amazing due to the many utilities that it holds and the way in i felt i could be as expressive as possible. Also my partner Samir was extremely helpful as he has some experience with Photoshop and we proved to be a good team.

new artist profile

The name of the artist is now Phillipe Miami Cortez and his band who are referred to as Et Al, like Florence and The Machine. Our artist is of Mexican decent and the other people in band are Soury Nasri and OiOi Malloy, who produce, and are a significant part of the band.